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Hello, my name is Tobias Kleiner.

I started this website because I noticed there was very little out there for people looking for information on quality probiotics. There are hundreds of articles, shops and products out there, all claiming to provide the best information and probiotics. But how do you know you’re getting the right stuff for your body? Probiotics is a revolutionary new approach to health that has actually been around for centuries. While science catches up, we’ve all got to find ways to source and use the best quality probiotics in the safest, most effective ways possible.

I started this site because I wanted to find out more about this exciting area, and to provide our customers with access to the best probiotics available. To do this, we’ve done the research for you and found suppliers that only provide the cleanest, safest and most importantly, the most viable and effective probiotics on the market.
In addition, every day we aim to find out what probiotics work and how they work. We’ll be looking at answering all of your questions about probiotics too –

Why use probiotics? Are probiotics safe? What are the benefits? Can I use probiotics to combat disease and stay healthy?

From a very young age, I’ve suf­fered from chronic con­sti­pa­tion. It’s not sexy, but its the hon­est truth. Until now, it has been my sin­gle great­est source of humil­i­a­tion and anx­i­ety. The amount of ruined oppor­tu­ni­ties and embar­rass­ing sto­ries that I can credit to con­sti­pa­tion is not some­thing I’m proud of.

At the age of 30, I finally con­quered my biggest hur­dle in life, mainly with pro­bi­otic sup­ple­ments.
In my life, diges­tive prob­lems have always been a hin­drance and fre­quently an humil­i­a­tion, but I never took diges­tive health seri­ously until my father, William McKey, was diag­nosed with colon can­cer. He fought for 18 months, but even­tu­ally it got the best of him and he passed away at 62 years old.

My father’s death was both dev­as­tat­ing and sober­ing. Although I was so sad to have lost him, it made me real­ize the sever­ity of the diges­tive issues that run in my family’s blood­line. As a result, I started doing my own research, try­ing out dif­fer­ent sup­ple­ments and speak­ing to var­i­ous experts so that I could pro­tect my own health, my 3 chil­drens’, and attempt to help out the rest of my sib­lings and cousins. Even­tu­ally, instead of hav­ing every con­ver­sa­tion 30 times over, I sent an email to every­one and informed them that I’m start­ing this blog where I’d pub­lish all of my findings.

Since then, oth­ers have taken a lik­ing to my blog, because of the hon­esty and gen­uine­ness with which I try to present the infor­ma­tion that I find.Why Pro­bi­otic Supplements?

I’ve tried it all. From harsh colon cleansers, to your reg­u­lar over the counter diges­tive med­ica­tions and sup­ple­ments, high fiber diets and other fad sil­ver bul­lets and scams. To date, of every­thing I’ve tried, I’m con­vinced that there is no bet­ter safe, all nat­ural, long-term solu­tion for diges­tive health than Pro­bi­otic Sup­ple­ments.

I started writ­ing this blog after I came to this con­clu­sion, so instead of wast­ing my breath on sup­ple­ments that I don’t think will help you, I mainly focus on Pro­bi­otic Sup­ple­ments.My Family’s Flat­ter­ing Diges­tive Track Record
Some fam­i­lies are blessed with incred­i­ble artis­tic skills, oth­ers ath­letic, but my fam­ily? We all have diges­tive prob­lems.

Here’s a look at our cur­rent track record:


1 cases of Irri­ta­ble Bow­els Syn­drome (IBS) amongst siblings/cousins

3 cases of Crohn’s Dis­ease

1 Colon Can­cer Sur­vivor (my cousin,  Jeffery)

1 Colon Can­cer casu­alty (my Father, William, RIP 2008)

14 cases of chronic con­sti­pa­tion (includ­ing my mother and I)


10,000+  embar­rass­ing fam­ily stories
As you can see, diges­tive health is a major con­cern for my fam­ily. I hope you will find the infor­ma­tion on this site extremely use­ful and will par­tic­i­pate and share your wis­dom and expe­ri­ences with us as well!
P.S. No, I am not a doc­tor, nurse, licensed nutri­tion­ist or any­thing of the sort. I’m just a con­cerned mom try­ing to edu­cate myself and share with oth­ers along the way. Every person’s body is dif­fer­ent so use what I share here to dis­cover what works for you.

Thank you for joining us on the taking Probiotics website. We hope we can provide you with the most valuable experience we can imagine – a healthier life thanks to quality probiotics.

The body is a temple

We will always provide the best quality information about probiotics and the best quality probiotic products.

Tobias Kleiner

Tobias Kleiner

Writer and Editor

Tobias Kleiner has led many lives – he has been a scientist, a marketer, a nutritionist and a yoga student. Nowadays he can be found in places like Bali and India studying yoga and holistic treatments, as well as his home country of Germany. He holds an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry which he received from the National University of Ireland in 2000. After many years spent doing Ashtanga Yoga and finding natural ways to be healthy, he stumbled upon probiotics, one of the most revolutionary methods to become and stay healthy available today.

Now he spends his time writing articles and bettering takingprobiotics.com and trying to provide as much healing and treatment information as possible to the masses.