I will kick things of by saying that the Align Daily Probiotic Supplement is one of the better probiotics that should be taken on a daily basis which you can buy today. Why, you may wonder? Well, first of all, it comes in small capsules which should be taken once per day. Even more so, they’re safe to take every day. Align will even recommend that you take it as a vitamin, at a time of the day that you’re comfortable with, and you can remember, which means it’s very flexible. The capsules come in a very creative blister pack, which comes with 7 capsules and labels for every day of the week. This is a unique and quite useful idea. It makes getting into a routine very easy. The capsules don’t have to be refrigerated, which is another bonus. And it’s also worth knowing that there have been studies done with the supplement, and results after four weeks were excellent, which gives a little peace of mind.

However, it is worth mentioning that it has a potential downside to it, and that is the fact that it contains milk. This means it’s a major potential allergy problem, and people who have lactose intolerance can’t really take it as it would cause problems. However, if this isn’t a problem for you, personally, you should by all means go for it.

Ingredients Profile:

The Align Daily Probiotic Supplement comes with only one probiotic strain, namely Bifidobacterium Infantis 35624, at a cell count of 1 billion cells per capsule. Align has a patent on this strain, and nobody else offers it, including store brands. They say that the strain was created by gastroenterologists, and made to help the body with creating and maintaining a healthy digestive system. The strain is also known to help with balancing the bacteria levels in the body. What’s also characteristic about Bifidobacterium Infantis 35624 is that when you compare it to placebos, and even to some other Bifidobacterium strains, you will find that it is significantly superior, especially with IBS symptoms such as bloating, gas or constipation. All in all, the custom strain gives Align a big advantage over other competitive products.

Allergy Concerns:

This is where that potential downside I mentioned earlier comes in. As said earlier, the capsules contain milk. Even though for a lot of people this won’t be any problem whatsoever, people who have lactose intolerance will notice this as a serious issue as it practically restrains them from taking the pills.

If this isn’t you, and you still want to take the product, you should know that other ingredients include, but are not limited to Propyl Gallate, Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate, Sodium Caseinate, Titanium Dioxide, Sucrose, Hypromellose, Magnesium Stearate and Microcrystalline Cellulose. If you have issues with any of them, that might cause side effects which aren’t very desirable.


The current price of the Align Daily Probiotic Supplement is $27.50 (42 capsules), $35.96 (56 capsules) and $40.45 (63 capsules). The packages are designed for six, eight and nine weeks respectively, and the price per day goes from $0.65 for the smallest, cheapest package, to $0.64 per day for the other two sizes. The price is good, but nothing spectacular. It is what you would expect to pay per day for a probiotic with these characteristics, and it is worth it. As mentioned earlier, the only problem is the milk in the capsules, but aside from that you will notice results (and they’re backed up by research!).

Side Effects:

This is one of the “make it or break it” factors for a probiotic. If you’ve ever used one, you will know that they often come with side effects such as icky stomach pains, gas, bloating or other problems, and they tend to be pretty irritable. However, the Align Daily Probiotic Supplement doesn’t have any of them. This is most likely due to the custom strain it uses, as it has been created with care, to make sure that nobody has any problems when using the product.