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How To Get Probiotics Without Dairy?

We commonly see probiotics in yogurt and cultured milk drinks. And every time we hear the word ‘probiotics,’ we immediately think of yogurt and milk kefir. While these dairy products are good sources of probiotics, they are not recommended for people with lactose intolerance. Your gut is unique in many ways. Therefore, it may not be able to tolerate certain foods that other people regularly eat. Some of the most common food intolerances are lactose (dairy) intolerance, gluten (grain) intolerance, and legume (beans) intolerance. If you have any of these food intolerances, it is always best to stay away...

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Probiotics for Constipation A Comprehensive Guide

Probiotics You have probably heard of probiotics for constipation before, but don’t understand their significance. They are often referred to as ‘good’ or ‘friendly’ bacteria. Probiotics are live bacteria that are often put forward as having some real health benefits. They are usually added to everyday consumable products like yogurt. They are beneficial in restoring the balance of good vs bad bacteria in your stomach and intestines when you are unwell. It is no surprise to learn then that probiotics may be an effective tool in the arsenal to fight constipation. Supermarkets and drug stores alike often boast of...

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Do Probiotics Give You Energy?

We’ve seen yogurt brands, fermented milk drinks, and other probiotics supplement products claiming to give you much needed energy to stay active and productive throughout the day. But how true is this claim? Can probiotics really give you a boost of energy? Some people experience a spurt in energy after taking probiotics from foods or supplements. The so-called “energy-giving” probiotics have raised questions left and right. Experts explain that good bacteria are not capable of supplying nutritional energy to the body. However, they can have an impact in boosting our energy. The effect of probiotics in improving our mood...

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Do Probiotics Cause Gas and Bloating?

Do you often experience bloating or getting excess gas after taking probiotics? If so, there’s nothing to worry about. Gas and bloating are some people’s digestive system’s normal reaction to probiotics after all were all different. In some cases, probiotics can be used to relieve bloating. Now, don’t be confused. This article will explain how probiotics cause gas and bloating, and while they can also treat gas and bloating. What are probiotics? Probiotics are good bacteria that naturally reside in our digestive tract. They protect the gut by providing a protective lining to the gastrointestinal tract to prevent harmful...

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Do Probiotics Change Stool Color?

Do Probiotics change stool color? The short answer to the question of whether probiotics effect stool is yes. Sometimes probiotics can effect your stool because of the different type of bacteria colonizing the gut, for example taking pepto bismol can change the color of your stool to black. Your stomachs contents are mixed with bile as they move through the digestive systems which can cause stool to be green. A change in stool color can be normal after taking probiotics and may not be anything to worry about. Many times probiotics will actually normalize the color of a stool...

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