Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra is among the best probiotics I have ever tried. There are a lot of positive qualities to the supplement… I’ll touch on a few here. It runs on a large number of powerful probiotic strains which will help with day-to-day digestion and belly ailments. So it’s quite flexible as far as other probiotics are concerned.

My general well-being felt enhanced, I wasn’t bloated after testing the product out, and I was digesting my food a lot better than usual. I suffer from many food allergies as well as IBS, so when a product might help relieve a few of my ailments, I’m excited and grateful to try it. Another thing I enjoy is the capsules don’t need to be refrigerated to keep the cultures that are alive. And the “extra” ingredients are pure, gluten free and vegetarian (not many probiotics I’ve seen are truly vegetarian-friendly).

There are several things to take note of… even though I adore this product. Something to keep in mind is it warns to keep youngsters away from them, so this probiotic isn’t safe for kids. The item contains iron, which might be deadly or toxic to children when there is an unintentional overdose.

There exists an opportunity for side effects if this probiotic isn’t used right. While taking this product, I was left with a horrible stomach ache when I started out taking a lot of capsules but started to feel better after my first week. In general, I believe Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra is an excellent probiotic which supplies a good selection of strains and possible health benefits for those wanting daily digestive aids or with stomach ailments.

Ingredients Profile:

I am happy to report Garden Of Life contains Saccharomyces Boulardii, although all the other strains might be quite valuable to the entire body my favourite is this one. There’s been some research carried out to demonstrate that it might help with gastrointestinal disorders like acute diarrhea, traveler’s Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diarrhea, lactose intolerance, and diarrhea related to antibiotics. This form could additionally support the body help fight off bacteria that relates to acne ’s effect on intestinal walls and boost the immune response.

One other excellent add-on to the full strain profile is Lactobacillus Brevis. This strain produces lactic acid, making it better equipped to survive unpleasant stomach acid by the body and survive until it’s reached the gastrointestinal tract.

Allergy Concerns:

Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra appears to do an excellent job addressing allergy concerns. The pills don’t include preservatives, artificial ingredients, or gluten. A great bonus is the capsules are vegetarian!

There have been some comments that this product is manufactured nearby dairy products. When you’re severely lactose intolerant, be mindful with this specific probiotic or locate another one that’s 100% dairy-free. This product does include barley grass, oat grass, and rice.


If just taking one capsule daily, the cost is 37 cents a day (which is less expensive than normal). Take into account a cost over $1 a day is quite pricey when compared with other probiotics.

Side Effects:

Sadly, I did have some undesired effects. I had horrible stomach aches and abdomen cramps that lasted a couple of days when I began taking it. Please follow the directions on this particular probiotic. I didn’t heed their warning and figured I had become accustomed to probiotics and it backfired. And so the adverse effects are likely my fault for using the total dosage immediately.