probiotics side effectsProbiotics Side Effects

Probiotics can be found as a supplement in pill, powder or liquid form, it can be found in many foods and also can be found naturally occurring in the human intestinal tract. Probiotics contain healthy bacteria that work in a holistic way to enhance as well as protect ones health.
A healthy digestive tract has hundreds of species of healthy bacteria that are all designed to help the body function more productively in one way or another. Some are designed to fight harmful bacteria while others are there just to take up space to prevent any new harmful bacteria from growing.

Probiotics And Dysbiosis

Intestinal dysbiosis is the imbalance of the healthy flora in the human intestinal tract. The best way to combat this disorder is to use probiotic supplements or to increase the amount of probiotics that are consumed in your diet.
Stress has been known to be a common cause of dysbiosis due to the changes that it can create within the human body. Hypertension and coronary artery disease are two common issues related to stress and the links between the serious medical issues, stress, the human body and dysbiosis are still being studied.
Poor diet can be another reason for dysbiosis. Most Americans consume a a lot of processed food, which is a diet that is rich in carbohydrates, refined flours, refined sugars, and alcohol. In addition, these diet tend to be are low in fiber. One thing processed foods can be high in is yeast causing bacteria. These bacteria will only being harm to your body and no benefits. Many of these foods will cause constipation that will in turn create the buildup of bad toxins and leave your body at risk for many health problems.
Anytime you change your diet or add a supplement you may encounter side effects and even though probiotics are a natural and healthy addition to your system there still can be side effects of probiotics.
Probiotics are often prescribed to people who have issues with their digestive tract but if any of these side effects occur be sure to notify your physician right away.

Diarrhea (even though probiotics are used to help treat diarrhea it can be a side effect for some people, especially in the initial stages)

Bloating (rarely reported and usually only occurs in a very mild form)

Fungal infections due to weakened immune system

Gas (one of the most common side effects of probiotics, again usually in the initial stages of consumption)

Metabolism changes

There have been studies that shown the side effects of probiotics in some people were severe and those who already had serious illnesses or severely weakened immune systems shown the most vulnerability to taking the supplements.
Probiotic side effects are very rare but they do still occur in some people, so be sure you take precaution when you add them to your diet and be sure you notify your physician of any changes you notice.
Since probiotics are designed to help the digested tract many people do not understand how can probiotics cause diarrhea and other side effects, the answer is unclear why they develop in some people while others have no issues, but age and health have a big factor.

Probiotics Side Effects – What are they?

Most of the side effects of probiotics are mild and often will go away without causing any real harm. For those who fall into the small group of people who do not tolerate probiotics and have more severe symptoms that can cause harmful conditions they need to take them with caution. You can visit your doctor and have them perform a few simple and non invasive tests to find out if you are sensitive to probiotics before you begin adding them to your diet to be safe. If you already have a known food allergy or intolerance to certain types of foods you are in the higher risk category for having intolerance for probiotics.
Acidophilus side effects and other probiotics side effects can vary from person to person with the most common ones being listed above. For a choice few the probiotics side effects can also include:Headaches – There are been a few reports of headaches although the association with the use of probiotics and the headaches is unclear.Skin Rashes – skin rashes are a very rare occurrence as a side effect from the use of probiotics and are believed to be caused by an already existing allergy to soy, gluten or dairy.
Many of these symptoms may be caused by other substances in the formula and may not be due to the live bugs. The probiotics side effects are usually mild and most who use probiotic diets for health reasons believe that the pros far outweigh the cons.