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Probiotics Now Can Be Found In The ‘Most-Famous-And-Loved’ Food – Chocolate !How does probiotics in chocolate works ?

The probiotics added in the chocolate reach and colonize your large intestine, which will also enhance the growth of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. Micro-encapsulation Technology Thanks to the micro-encapsulation technology developed by a large food company, there is now an answer to several stability issues of probiotics in non-dairy food, such as chocolate. This technology is applying a protective shield around probiotics bacteria to ensure their survival in your digestive tract that will optimize the activity in the gut. It enhances the viability and resistance of probiotics to heat, compression and high gastric acidity. Probiotics in Chocolate By consuming 13.5 grams of probiotics in chocolate everyday, you will be providing sufficient probiotics for your family to ensure optimal activity on the intestinal microflora. Adding probiotics in chocolate will have no influence on the taste, texture and mouth-feel of the chocolate.Other Benefits of Chocolate Besides probiotics, chocolate has many other benefits for your family health, such as:Dark Chocolate with 60-85% cocoa contains flavonoidsepicatechin and galic acid that are very important for human’s blood circulation. The high flavonoids content in chocolate could help human’s body to fight LDL cholesterol oxidation and reduce heart attack risk.The high antioxidant
contained in chocolate is believed to improve body immune. Catechin, the antioxidant content in chocolate is even 4 times more than the content in green tea.A cup of hot chocolate that contains lactium is the best medicine to relax you from stress.The endorphin contained in chocolate can naturally relieve pain. Endorphin can
also ‘instruct’ your brain to be more relaxed so that oxygen can circulate better in your blood, which at the end will improve your memory.Vitamins
B1, B2, D, E, and also several minerals such as potassium and magnesium also contained in chocolate, which make chocolate gives you more advantage than disadvantage !Drink a cup of chocolate milk after having exercise ! Milk that contains protein can help muscle building and more fat burning.A feel of ‘comfort’ when enjoying chocolate with its sweet, smell, creamy smooth and mellow sensation. (Woow…!!).

Types of Chocolate White chocolate Made from cocoa
butter, sugar, milk, emulsifier, vanilla, and sometimes added with certain flavour. Do not contain non-fat ingredient from cocoa.Have white colour.
Milk Chocolate This kind of chocolate are usually more sweet.The composition is : 10-20% cocoa and more than 12% milk.Mostly used in
confectionery industry.Dark chocolate The cocoa composition is higher (35-65%) than milk (below 10% or sometimes even 0%).Bittersweet chocolate The cocoa
composition is 60-85%.The sugar composition is low (this is where the ‘bitter’ taste comes from).Mostly used for cooking and cake recipes.Bittersweet
chocolate from Europe has more bitter taste as the cocoa content is higher.Unsweetened chocolate Very bitter, cocoa and cocoa butter composition is 100%, no sugar content at all.Mostly used for cooking.In the research done by Joel Glenn Brenner in his book ‘Emperors of Chocolate’, it is indicated that chocolate tastes are created from blending of more than 1200 ingredients, without one single dominant taste.Find here the best chocolate recipes to deliciously deliver probiotics to your body, and get the best choices of healthy chocolate only at my online 1st Probiotics Store. Chocolate & Weight Loss One of the sources of chocolate taste is fat. However, the melting degree of cocoa/chocolate fat is less that human natural body temperature. When you eat a bite of chocolate, the cocoa fat will melt immediately in your mouth. When melting, a specific, soft, velvet-like taste will appear from the chocolate. However if it melts down onto your carpet, you’re going to need a carpet wizzard to do the cleaning.The fat contained in chocolate cannot absorbed by human body instantly. That’s why eating chocolate won’t have any effect to your weight loss program. However in many chocolate manufacturers, the original chocolate fat is replaced with other component such as sugar, vegetable oil and butter, as chocolate fat is quite expensive.Now you can provide probiotics for your entire family in many ways and variation.If you like this article, share it with your friends…